Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting to Know You pt 3: Francesca Vitali

1. What are three words that you would use to describe the work you make?
Minimalist, eco-friendly, woven

2. What is your favorite material to use in your work?
This is easy: PAPER!!

3. Do you have a pet?
a) If so, take a picture of yourself with it!
b) If not, take a picture of yourself with something else and explain what its significance is!
No, I wish I had a dog, I’ve always wanted one! I have a picture of me in the lab and in my studio. These are my two working places! If I’m not in one I’m in the other and it is not infrequent that when I’m in one I want to be in the other one :D

4. What are you listening to right now?
I’m listening a random TV show, I generally ‘listen’ TV when working in my studio so I may not remember any actor name or faces, but boy I’m good at recognize their voices!

5. Is your studio attached to your home?
My working space is a tiny florida room converted into studio right out of my dining room, not the best location if the door is a French door and you are as messy as I am, but it’s in right next to the house heart, the kitchen!

6. If you had a pet fox, what would you name it?
Gargantua I guess, but I would need to see her (because it must be an her!) first

7. Who is an artist that you've recently discovered that you believe needs to be known the world over?
I just got back from the Philadelphia museum of art show and my booth neighbor was Yasha Butler. Her ceramic work is slick, modern and elegant definitively she is the answer to your question!

8. What is a piece of advice that you live by?
Oh I grew up with my mom telling me all these old popular proverbs that now are part of my everyday life, but they are all in Italian and the translation not always does them justice.


  1. A fun article- I love Francesca's work! Does she sell in Quirk?

    Drops of Sun Paper Jewelry

  2. Anna,
    Francesca is participating in our annual jewelry exhibit: SP6: Ring-a-ding-ding. We are so thrilled to have such beautiful work!