Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Gal Pal Kristin Lane

Can we just stop for a second and recognize all of those great friends out there. The ones who stop by with a hand made holiday wreath, just because?
Kristin Lane is one of those great friends. She hiked through the snow this morning and brought us this beautiful wreath.

Kristin can also make a beautiful wreath for you, for only $45.
Call to inquire (804)644-5450

Stocking Stuffers

Tiny Notebook by: Sweet Bella $2.50 each, Cassette Tape tape dispenser by: Poulain $16.00, Waterspouts perpetual calendar by: Lisa DeJohn $9.95, #52RVA playing cards by: Diana Mathews $9.95, Birdie clips by: DCI $8.00, Bandaid kit by: Help $4.50, Mighty Wallet by: Dynomighty Design $15.00, Grenadine & Tonic body milk by: Lollia $9.00, Fabric Thumbtacks by: Girl of all Work $7.50, Cassette tape box by: Poulain $16.00, Baggu Bag by: Baggu $8.00, Tape Bundle by: MT $9.95