Thursday, February 24, 2011

Party Planner: Round-Up

The clock is ticking and it's almost party time. Here are some of our favorite party planner must-haves.

Help I have an Aching Body kit by: Help $4.50, Not Plastic cup by: Seletti $8, Not Plastic wine glass by: Seletti $14, Red Berry coasters by: Red Bird Ink $10, Wooden Heart spoon by: DCI $8, Beard dish towel by: Donna Wilson $21, Bamboo Heart cutting board by: DCI $18, Meg face plate by: Donna Wilson $38, 5 Minute candle pack by: Poketo $7, Retrofit TV by Chronicle Books $6.95, Jet Set coasters by: Jonathan Adler $38, Ginsing Tea towel by: Jonathan Adler $12, Open bottle opener by: Poketo $17, #52RVA playing cards by: Diana Mathews $9.95, Mr. & Mrs. Muse salt & pepper shakers by: Jonathan Adler $50

Long Weekender Round-Up

Is it just me or is everyone craving a long weekend? Here are a few of my favorite things to make weekend traveling a pleasure.

Feijoa Lime soap by: MOR $18, Pinhole camera kit by: Wild & Wolf $10.50, Micro-Buck deer trophy by: Cardboard Safari $15, Lip Delight by: MOR $11, Lizzie sunglasses by: Wintercheck Factory $48, Loose weave scarf by: Nusantara $14, Diana camera tote by: Brandon Peck $14, Beard sachet by: Donna Wilson $18.95, Stuff travel bag by: Flight 001 $21, Hand poured vintage dish candle by: Carla Mathews $12, Boombox iPhone cover by: DCI $10, Help I have a headache kit by: Help $4.50, Qwerty Laptop sleeve by: Wild & Wolf $34, Not Plastic cutlery by: Seletti $4, Silver Fox scarf by: Donna Wilson $84

Meet: Emi Grippa

Emerald Grippa (Emi to her friends) will be showcased in our Shop Show gallery space from March 3rd to March 26th. Emi has her hand in more projects than I can imagine taking on. Aside from her beautifully detailed graphite drawings, Emi also co curates an antiques shop on ETSY, blogs regularly, and has just contriobuted design work for the local record label SPACEBOMB.

Emi creates fashion based illustrations that combine graphite, color pencils and digital manipulation. There is a disturbing elegance from the pencil lines that evoke only part of the story, asking the viewer to imagine the rest.
A lil bit about Emi in her own words:

I grew up surrounded by creativity. My father is a painter and my mother an Interior Designer. I tried to spend as much time in art classes as possible throughout school so when it came time to leave little Strasburg, VA the only college that made sense was VCU. I actually started art school in the Sculpture Department for a year before realizing all I wanted to do was draw. From then on it was heaven! This new series is an extension of my hair & model obsession, which are all created using watercolor and graphite.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet: Karen Seifert

As you may recall a few weeks ago we had a pre Valentine's Day photo event at the gallery. It was a huge success, and I thought I might take a minute to give you a little more information about the wonderful photographer (and friend) who made it all possible.
Karen Seifert has been actively taking photos for much longer than I have known her. She has an amazing eye for what would make a great shot, and isn't afraid to experiment with different techniques to achieve the best photos possible.
While Karen stays active in the event photography world (her photo booth style set-up has been a hit at multiple Richmond gatherings) she also shoots weddings, engagement photos and portraits.I chose a few of my favorites from Karen's Flickr feed, but there are so many more to peruse. If you want to see more of Karen's portfolio or are interested in contacting her for an event of your own, click here.

Hump Day Wake-Up Treat

We know we're a little late on posting this amazing video... but it's really making this chilly Wednesday morning much, much more chipper. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silver & Gold

Brooklyn Bakery bracelet $32, Open Bottle opener by: Poketo $17, Double Drip pendant by: Sarah West $138, Mood bottle opener by: Poketo $15, Snow Gardenia body lotion by: MOR $32, Leather Coil earrings by: IDesign $80, Snow Gardenia Soap by: MOR $18, Gold Tooth necklace by: Fetty $16, Gold Drop chain earrings by: Mother Daughter jewelry $135, Bridal Bead bracelet by: Kerry Pitt-Hart $38, Oxidized Hoop earrings by: Lisa Crowder $165, Bike Snob book by: BikeSnobNYC $16.95, Bamboo Stack rings by: Solrojo $8ea, Stacking Coil rings by: Sarah Cavendar $18, Mikro House by: Mikro $60


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Monday, February 21, 2011

Stash Your Cash

Looking for a great spot to store that spare change? Extra bills floating around? Here are our favorite places to stash your cash!
Qwerty leather wallet by: Wild & Wolf $48, Yes We're Broke pouch by: BlueQ $7, Functional Art Bunny Bank by: Streamline $27, Mighty Wallet by: Dynomighty Designs $15, Felt Card Wallet by: Graf & Lantz $16, Leather piggy bank by: Looksur $35, Clever coin purse by: Blue Q $5, Functional Art goldfish bank by: Streamline $27, Cassette Tape box by: Poulain $16

Friday, February 18, 2011

ADA: Lookin' Good!

Hey ADA, you're new show is pretty sweet looking.
Just thought you should know!

Monday, February 14, 2011


This morning I was greeted by one of the sweetest Valentine presents anyone could have. OK, so it may not have been meant specifically for me... but to whoever LUV BOMB'd Quirk's fence... thank you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

So here are our ever so helpful suggestions to make this Valentine's Day a success. Don't forget we have in-store pick up, so don't you fret about shipping!
Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers by: Jonathan Adler $50, Lollia Breathe Lotion $45, Interlocked Hoops by: By Boe $48, Rosette Bobby pin set by: Lauren McQuistion $8, Interlocked Bangle by: By Boe $42, Lychee Flower Body Butter by: MOR $17, Relax perfume mini by: Lollia $10,Heart Brooch by: Ariella Perlman $15, Marietta Earrings by: Foundling $40, Gold Branch bangle by: Catherine Weitzman $105, Wooden Bling ring by: HoodWoodRVA $10, Lingerie Travel bag by: Flight 001 $22, Claudia Crochet earrings by: Claudia Lobao $125, Lychee Flower soap by: MOR $18, Grand Prize Girl trophy card by: Ooh La La $7, Candy Twisted tumblers by: LBK studio $42, Bamboo Heart cutting board by: DCI $18

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meg J Roberts & Phil Barbato Artist Reception Extravaganza!

Meg J Roberts
Phil Barbato

Tonight's the night you've been waiting for! Art All-Stars Meg J Roberts and Phil Barbato are kicking off the month with two awesome shows that will be in the vault and shop respectively. Come out tonight from 5-7 and spend some quality time with wine, cheese, sweet art, and the All-Stars themselves.