Thursday, February 24, 2011

Party Planner: Round-Up

The clock is ticking and it's almost party time. Here are some of our favorite party planner must-haves.

Help I have an Aching Body kit by: Help $4.50, Not Plastic cup by: Seletti $8, Not Plastic wine glass by: Seletti $14, Red Berry coasters by: Red Bird Ink $10, Wooden Heart spoon by: DCI $8, Beard dish towel by: Donna Wilson $21, Bamboo Heart cutting board by: DCI $18, Meg face plate by: Donna Wilson $38, 5 Minute candle pack by: Poketo $7, Retrofit TV by Chronicle Books $6.95, Jet Set coasters by: Jonathan Adler $38, Ginsing Tea towel by: Jonathan Adler $12, Open bottle opener by: Poketo $17, #52RVA playing cards by: Diana Mathews $9.95, Mr. & Mrs. Muse salt & pepper shakers by: Jonathan Adler $50

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