Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet: Emi Grippa

Emerald Grippa (Emi to her friends) will be showcased in our Shop Show gallery space from March 3rd to March 26th. Emi has her hand in more projects than I can imagine taking on. Aside from her beautifully detailed graphite drawings, Emi also co curates an antiques shop on ETSY, blogs regularly, and has just contriobuted design work for the local record label SPACEBOMB.

Emi creates fashion based illustrations that combine graphite, color pencils and digital manipulation. There is a disturbing elegance from the pencil lines that evoke only part of the story, asking the viewer to imagine the rest.
A lil bit about Emi in her own words:

I grew up surrounded by creativity. My father is a painter and my mother an Interior Designer. I tried to spend as much time in art classes as possible throughout school so when it came time to leave little Strasburg, VA the only college that made sense was VCU. I actually started art school in the Sculpture Department for a year before realizing all I wanted to do was draw. From then on it was heaven! This new series is an extension of my hair & model obsession, which are all created using watercolor and graphite.

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