Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet: Karen Seifert

As you may recall a few weeks ago we had a pre Valentine's Day photo event at the gallery. It was a huge success, and I thought I might take a minute to give you a little more information about the wonderful photographer (and friend) who made it all possible.
Karen Seifert has been actively taking photos for much longer than I have known her. She has an amazing eye for what would make a great shot, and isn't afraid to experiment with different techniques to achieve the best photos possible.
While Karen stays active in the event photography world (her photo booth style set-up has been a hit at multiple Richmond gatherings) she also shoots weddings, engagement photos and portraits.I chose a few of my favorites from Karen's Flickr feed, but there are so many more to peruse. If you want to see more of Karen's portfolio or are interested in contacting her for an event of your own, click here.