Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long Weekender Round-Up

Is it just me or is everyone craving a long weekend? Here are a few of my favorite things to make weekend traveling a pleasure.

Feijoa Lime soap by: MOR $18, Pinhole camera kit by: Wild & Wolf $10.50, Micro-Buck deer trophy by: Cardboard Safari $15, Lip Delight by: MOR $11, Lizzie sunglasses by: Wintercheck Factory $48, Loose weave scarf by: Nusantara $14, Diana camera tote by: Brandon Peck $14, Beard sachet by: Donna Wilson $18.95, Stuff travel bag by: Flight 001 $21, Hand poured vintage dish candle by: Carla Mathews $12, Boombox iPhone cover by: DCI $10, Help I have a headache kit by: Help $4.50, Qwerty Laptop sleeve by: Wild & Wolf $34, Not Plastic cutlery by: Seletti $4, Silver Fox scarf by: Donna Wilson $84

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