Monday, May 24, 2010

Todd Reed and Miel- Margarita Paredes

We have had the wonderful opportunity to showcase work by Miel- Margarita Paredes and Todd Reed. The show takes place in the main gallery from May 6th to June 26th. Todd Reed uses the raw diamond to create beautiful works of jewelry. Miel- Margarita Paredes’s “Gnaw” and “Standards” series is on display. Paredes embraces the rodent and the dog in her architectural ornamentation. Together, these two artists create a wide array of beautiful works of art in the main gallery.

Todd Reed’s enchantment with diamonds grew when he thought of “a way to question the fascination with diamonds used as a status symbol in our current society… it became a fascination for me to use and make aware the beauty and raw elegance of the diamond in its most pure form.” Todd Reed Inc. is centered around our natural and social environment and makes all decisions with this at heart. Todd Reed creates his art in eco friendly ways and all of his pieces are hand made in his Colorado studio. Reed is most well known for using raw diamonds to create beautiful works of fine jewelry. Examples of this fine jewelry may be found in Quirk’s main gallery.

Miel- Margarita Paredes’ series “Gnaw” is also seen in the main gallery. “Gnaw” combines a beautiful architectural design with the face of a rodent. She decided to use the rodent because they are most commonly thought of as lovable pets or annoying creatures that dwell within the walls of a house. So she chose to put a twist on the rodent’s role and turn them into beautiful ornamental creatures. Her “Standards” series “incorporates the traditional use of the decorative grotesque and festive swags with examples of purebred dogs.” She chose the dog because she is enthralled with the fact that dogs are descendants of wolves, however dogs have been bred to provide security and love to humans. Together, these series provide the viewer with deep insight on “the standards that we choose to identify with and judge others by.”

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