Monday, May 24, 2010

Couldn't We Ride

Starting July 1st, 2010, Quirk will open an exhibit called Couldn’t We Ride. In this exhibit, artists from all over the country will demonstrate the art of making and designing a bicycle. There are more artistic factors that go into a bicycle than one would imagine. From the leather saddles to the elaborate chain guards to the beautiful design on the handlebars, art is present in all aspects of the bicycle. The artists we have selected incorporate creativity and beauty with practicality into everyday items. In this exhibit, artists also include paintings and photographs of bicycles.

Participating artists include Kevin Dillard from Washington D.C., Justin Rothsank from Goshen, IN, Taliah Lempert from Brooklyn, NY, R.E. Load from Philadelphia, PA, Stellina Sport from Richmond, VA, Noah Rosen of Velocolour from Toronto, ON, Suzanne Carlsen from Toronto, ON, Villin Cycle Works from Gainesville, FL, Bilenky Cycle Works from Philadelphia, PA, and Kara Ginther from Madison, WI.

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