Monday, May 3, 2010

Maggie's break

During the quiet before the storm of First Friday week Dave and I escaped for a day in the sun at The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. We made tons of new friends visiting all of the sheepies, Alpaca, and other fiber producing critters.

Dave got to eat his favorite soft serve. Twice. One was Chocolate dipped in Strawberry, the second was Chocolate dipped in Peanut Butter. I got that one too. Yes, I only had one.
Then we made more friends. There was a wonderful tent where kids had the opportunity to learn all about the animals and the art and crafts they can create using the fibers from the animals. This sweet girl had needle felted a pretty wonderful radish. Some of the sheep, such as this dapper dresser, came all the way from California. This little rabbit taught me that French Angora rabbits have their coats pulled like a horses tail.
By the end of the day Dave and I were as worn out as this little lamb. But I had some pretty great and geeky scores from the vendors. I got a ton of spring green roving for needle felting (more house plants to come), a hunk of bees wax, and the big deal purchase of the day set of cobalt blue glass double pointed needles.


  1. Wow, those cobalt glass needles are pretty incredible.

  2. Wow, you did a lot and those needles are seriously cool. I never heard of anything except chocolate dip cones. Peanut butter sounds yummy. See ya tonight. I'm going to Pat's at 6:30 in case Dave gets off early. Jeanjean