Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Getting Neck & Neck

So the headshots are rolling in this morning - competition's starting to get tough.
First up, we have Ross Catrow of RVAnews. This YOPRO headshot says "I'm totally OK with this pink button down." Truly amazing. Thanks Ross!

And then we have Matthew McDonald. This is the real deal of headshots. Want to find Matthew at the Martin Agency? There he is. You might also recognize him from his super-popular blog: Chewylives.
This really doesn't do Matthew justice, so here's a little tidbit of this Graphic Artist's nerdology:
"thats the magic of gifs
they animate with minimum effort..."
"i want to make an animated gif banner
i love gifs"

You guys are the best of sports - thanks for the pics!

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