Monday, June 25, 2012

Key West Comes to RVA!!

We are so excited about having a little taste of Key West in Richmond! The following is from the two curators, Byron and Lawson:

Hi folks....
Got plans for Tuesday, July 3rd, from 5-8 PM....?....(July 4th eve)...

We have been asked by Katie UkropQuirk gallery owner, to curate a show at Quirk of some of our personal favorite artists.So we thought long and hard, and decided to bring to Richmond 3 artists that we know and love from Key West.  The artists are 3 of the most wonderful and delightful women you will ever meet....and they will be there to talk about their work, their inspiration, or anything else that might come up.  They are each extremely talented in their own medium, and we think you will certainly enjoy the variety that the show has to offer.

Of course there will be beverages like beer and wine (it is an opening, remember),  but our friend Margaret Doyle will also be there with her coffee cart serving up Cuban coffee’s too...after all, we are bringing folks in from Key West..... 

Now what else do you have to do on a hot-middle-of-the-week-summer-holiday in Richmond?....come down to Quirk, enjoy the show, and then go back to your humid back yard BBQ....

Got friends or family in town, bring them with you!....and if you know someone who might be interested in the show, tell them about it....even pass along this email .....

A bit about each artist, to peek your interest....

1)      Helen Harrison....her work is as tropical as you get.  She uses renewable and organic materials to create sculpture and other 3-dimensional work.  Helen has an innate appreciation for wood and its infinite variations.  Her sculptural concepts are based on the notion of forms paired with dramatic color. The work reveals and re-shapes the beauty found in nature.  Helen is in the collection of quite a few private Richmond collectors, and is also in the corporate collection at Media General.

2)       Cynthia Wynn ....”technically I use very simple fabrication techniques: welding, torch cutting, and grinding.”....and you will see that this is an understatement when you see Cindy’s functional and very beautiful sculptural work made from re-purposed scrap metal and machine parts.  Her work is also in several collections around Richmond.

3)      Susan Sugar ....both oils and watercolors, Susan paints the skies most people never appreciate or see; tumultuous, moody, dawn skies.  Working in Key West where she lives about half of the year (the other half here in NYC), Susan captures moments and poetry in place with her paints and brushes.  She is also collected and coveted by several Richmond collectors.

Well, that is who we have brought to Richmond......we are very come see, enjoy, and even purchase!

The artists will only be there on the 3rd, and you would not to miss out on the opportunity to meet each of them and fall in love with the artist as well as the art!

Details again:

Tuesday, July 3rd
5-8 PM
Quirk Gallery
311 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia, 23220

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