Monday, October 25, 2010


OK... this is my first stab at blogging! Diana and
Maggie have assured me that it is sooooo easy! So, here goes.

Last week I enjoyed a lovely get-away to Georgetown with my friends, Pam and Bill. We try to do this every couple of months, but it had been way too long. Starting off in search of finds at Zara (sadly, nothing too exciting), then Christ Church consignment shop (where Pam scored a great floral mirror), and then lunch! We usually love a low-fat cobb salad with Ranch dressing, onion rings, and diet coke at the Daily Grill, but decided to meet up with my brother at Martin's. We were not disappointed! We sat in the famous booth where JFK proposed to Jackie. Pam and Bill cozied up in the tiny booth looking almost as glamorous. Best of all, my brother treated us to lunch.

And I must say that the onion rings were some of the best I have ever had. If you are in Georgetown, give Martin's a try. If you are bellied up at the bar, say hello to my brother John! He'll treat you right.

The biggest scores of the trip:

*Pam's felt floral scarf

*My new Aerosole shoe collection. Ahhhh. Bunions are so sexy!

*Bill's swanky new cardigan. (Bill is still in search of the perfect fall plaid shirt. Apparently, plaid is all the rage this fall!)

Sweet patient Bill patiently took us to several Target's on the way in home... Sadly, though, the John Derian tulip plates have all been snatched up. Rats.

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  1. WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME? What about our fun family?