Thursday, August 19, 2010

Internet Sminternet

Well I have been back from Vacation for four days now and I have only had Internet access for one of those days. That is a pretty sad fact for our little old blog.
So here is what you missed.. .

A boat load of internet shenanigans. All solved by the delightful and lovely Trish.

My partner in crime Carissa came shopping for some shades & jewels to wear to the Horse Track. But she fell in love with a penguin instead.

Katie and Diana ran off to the Gift Fair in the Big Apple.
Apparently it rained.

Scoop Evan McAliester came to work at Quirk.
He barked at Ted and our favorite neighbor Phil, way to be rude Scoop.

Most importantly our intern rock star Drew (and her twin Sydney) turned 21!
She has not been seen or heard from since.
That's all the news I have.
XO, Maggie


  1. Hey! My pleasure Maggie. I love helping my favorite people. You gots to have the internet!

  2. lol! I am alive and recovering!!!

  3. Ask the penguin why it doesn't return my calls.