Monday, April 12, 2010

Such Greatness

We have two shows up right now that are... well... one of our artists describes them as "soul melting." On the Shop wall we have Chicago artist Dolan Geiman.
Geiman's artworks is thick with construction. Beginning with a salvaged background surface, oftentimes a panel of wood from shipping crates or road signs, Geiman's ideas achieve form in layers through a mixture of collage, assemblage, drawing, painting, and screen-printing. A first step of painting may be followed by the application of glued papers and objects, or vice versa, resulting in a base image that may then be hand-distressed to take on a weathered or aged appearance. The final addition of a key image, either a single form such as a cowboy or bird or a montage of images, completes the work and becomes its main focal point. This flexible, mutable process results in a signature artwork which occupies a unique space between between folk, collage, and eco-art traditions.

In The vault, we have "Glamour & Intrigue," paintings, drawings and photography by Richmond's own Vilkas D'Angelo-Horvath.
Self described as "A Kinetic Learner", Vilkas D'Angelo-Horvath has been practicing art since graduating Cum Laude from VCU in 1997. Earning two BFA's in 5 years, one in Painting and one in Sculpture, D'Angelo-Horvath integrates digital and traditional media to create fantastical designs.

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  1. This looks brilliant, I can't wait to see it
    My Saturday trip was delayed by lace and tulle more on that later
    However, hope to be able to get down there for a few mins tomorrow
    H xx