Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When the cat is away the penguins will play

With Katie and Diana off taking care of all the serious business, one would expect Hayley and Maggie to be up to no good. The tables have turned. It's our summer interns from the Indianapolis Zoo that have gone hay wire. Although I have asked them a billion times this week to make a blog post all they do is hog the phone and tweet.
Well at least they are taking some time to check our shows.

Ralph really enjoys Noah Scalin's Grid Skull and wishes it could come live at a zoo or garden.

While Livia and Tulla are hypnotized (and rightly so) by Elizabeth Kendall's exhibit in The Vault.


  1. Hysterical Maggie, I love it. Its hard to control these penguins, they have a mind of their own. Thats what we get for trying to use interns - more trouble than they are worth. Now, I think I saw a recipie somewhere for Penguin stew....hmmm

  2. Love their names...I'm a little concerned about the penguin stew idea, however. They just need a little touch up to be ready to go...